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This may offend many people out there, specially those Sho regard Gandhi as an idol. However, it is important to understand the truth and events leading to our independence to correctly guide ourselves in the future.
Doesn't the proximity of World War 2 and our independence make anyone wonder if the two were related? WW2 ended at the end of 1944. Indian independence was announced on August 26,1945 (Republic Day), less than a year later.
The truth about our Independence is that it wasn't Gandhi, but Hitler that won us our independence. Now, I'm not saying that Gandhi wasn't a good man, or that Hitler was a good man. Gandhi definately played a role in unifying us as a nation, helping draft the constitution, etc. At the same time Hitler murdered millions of people. But the truth we need to realize is that it wasnt non-violence, but violence which effectively ended British rule on India. It was when Hitler's army pounded the British army that they became weak and realized they could not maintain their hold over India.
As great as the story of non-violence winning us independence sounds, its is simply not true. If it was non-violence that worked, then why did it not work before? Gandhi has led non-violent protests for over 20 years before we won independence. Then why did out independence come right after WW2 and not before???
Non-violence works like this: You dont fight back and the "good" people on the other side will realize what an inhuman act it is that their side is commiting and stop. For some reason, I fail to understand why the people who enslaved millions of Africans, killed an entire American continent of Red Indians would suddenly feel bad for us and give us independence because of our non violent ways. If they had their way, they would have ended up killing us all in response to our "non-violence".The idea of non-violence doesnt make any sense. Before blindly following it, we need to THINK about why it would work and whether it even works!!!! WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES! It is military strength (of Germany) which won our independence, and not the non-violent ways of Gandhi. If there was a war tommorow, it would be OUR military strength which will protect us then, not some far-fetched idea of non-violence.
This sounds crazy right?? and i am even afraid to publish it.Don't know if it will be taken as an anti Indian stance or is going to hurt somebody's sentiment.Few days back i read in news that one person has been arrested for starting a anti-Sonia Gandhi community on orkut.But i believe that my this piece of blog entry doesn't fall in the same category so i will be pardon under Indian constitution which grants me the freedom of speech and expression.!!! So i am free to think and based on facts derived from the history and my own thinking i make this statement "Adolf Hitler got India it's Independence"So here it starts.1st struggle for India's Independence started in 1857 but it wasn't successful because it was not a coordinated effort across India and awareness about British exploitation of India was not there in the national consciousness so they failed miserably.British Raj also learned it's lesson that it should not give arms to Indian solider who were part of British army in India.But it raised fear in the British Rank's that what if tomorrow they will again turn up with something like this.How can they even sustain their control over a population of 30 crores once they will understand how we are sucking India and making ourself rich. So they came up with this novel idea of Indian National Congress which was formed by Allan Octavian Hume, William Wedderburn and few noted Indians.Basic logic was this- Give the educated Indians a platform to raise the voice of illiterate Indian's in a judicial system that will never punish any Britisher for any wrong doing and if this educated Indian's are somehow able to make a point against Britisher then either change the law to protect him or put that educated Indian behind the bar and close the case.And during this time when anger against the Britisher's was growing.They found a messiah in the form of Mahatma Gandhi.(I here itself want to state that i have no ill will against him and always held him in high regards for his teaching).He was the man of the hour they were looking for.Who will try to pacify 30 crore Indians by asking them to follow the British Raj system of justice.So they agreed to accept him as the sole voice of Indian people which in turn was benefiting them.So Britisher's kept screwing india and gandhiji tried to find justice for indians through there judicial system which was nothing but a mere mockery of Indian at hands of Britisher's .Now i have few hard hitting questions to ask!!!.How could British Raj in India continued for so long ?? How come 5 to 6 lakh Britisher's were able to control a whole of India?? because we had Gandhiji who was there to pacify the Indians and who would ask them please get one more slap if they have slapped you.You know i like this ideology in the sense that we should try this against some one who has heart and who will really understand that he has caused pain to you.But will it sound logical that some one goes and ask General Dyer that sir please you have already shot 1000 Indians in Jallianwala Bagh and please shoot me also so that you will feel remorse about your wrong doings.!!!! The point is that he will shoot you also and wont feel remorse.His case is no different then that of a terrorist.And doesn't it meant anything to Gandhiji that there is more value and meaning to life of an innocent Indian then to follow the crap judicial system of Britisher's????
All through there life Bhagat Singh ,Shubash Chandra Bose kept telling Ghandhiji that we need only a month of co-ordinate effort to root out these people but Ghandhiji will say no we will fight in there system and will make them feel wrong for there action.So if this was the case then why in 1st place did Britisher's invade India???
India could have been independent long back in 1900's but Gandhiji delayed it by 50 year's.And it was not as if British government realized in 1947 that they did wrong to India or they came under pressure from congress it was just the opposite.The second world war that was started by Adolf Hitler had hit England so badly that they in all possible means could not have continued in India anymore and so again when it came to leaving india Ghandhiji fully cooperated with them so that they left india gracefully and they left india with there legacy in form of congress who will in coming future serve only there purpose and not of Indian's.
So was it the effort of Gandhiji that india got independence???.I feel that it was Adolf Hitler who got Independence for India.I am not writing this to glorify Adolf Hitler or praise him.He was a evil and will remain as a evil for me and i fully sympathize with Jews but then somebody's loss will always be somebody's gain.So was the case of India.

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