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Are Tamizh music directors too attached to their tunes and ignore proper deliverance of lyrics (Final output)?

Few examples (and actual list can be exhaustive) and listen to stated songs quietly and most importantly without bias:

1. ARR – Sivaji – “Sahana Sahana” – Male voice struggles so much and so many mistakes in Tamizh ucharippu. Where it is supposed to be “Semitha kadhal idhu...”, singer delivers as “Semithu kadhal idhu”....there is no meaning for this at all. Imagine Harish Raghavendra in the male portion. Song would have been a great treat. Still it is a hit, no doubt, however has justice been done?

2. ARR – Sivaji – “Vaaji Vaaji” – Female voice sings “azhagai as azhugai”...complete meaning changes. Imagine Mahathi & song would have gone to next level.

3. ARR – “Kilimanjaro song” – Chinmayi is the saving grace to be honest. Javed Ali has made so many mistakes and in fact, he says “sevaloda thangachiye...” where I believe it should have been “Evaloda thangachiye...”. Again "Zhu", "Zha" ucharippu taken its toll. Imagine Karthik or so many other Tamizh singers would have taken popularity to next level.

4. Ilaiyaraja – Thalapathi – “Yamunai aatrile” – Listen very carefully and mistakes in ucharippu can be spotted (ex: Instead of “Padhai parthida....singer sings as “pathai parthida..”). Imagine Chitra and it would have been top notch.

5. G V Prakash - Madrasapattinam – “Pookal pookum”. Such a great composition and male singer struggles so much to sing in Tamizh. “Zha”, “Zhu” ucharippu has been taken for granted. Can understand why a North Indian singer is roped in here, considering type of composition; however is it good to compromise on Tamizh ucharippu? Imagine Hariharan (who has both Hindi & Tamizh reach) for this song and it would have been a “National award” material for this year. An opportunity lost.

There are so many examples like this and such examples can be found for almost every Music Director. Film Director’s & Lyricists to raise their voice politely and not compromise on the final output. Also, they should not get intimidated by Music Director’s popularity, rather should strive for good team work. So much money is being spent on big movies; why compromise?

On the contrary, listen to unflawed outputs from Sankarabaranam, Sindhu Bhairavi, Salangai Oli etc...(just few samples and musical hits). Such quality of tunes & also right choice of singers. Eternal songs.

There are some director’s like Bharathiraja, Bala et al who are absolutely clear on their task and get best output without compromising on nativity or Tamizh ucharippu. Also Late director Jeeva has got good output from music directors.

As long as there is a thing called mind emanating "thoughts", there is going to be “ego”. As long as there is “ego”, there are going to be mistakes. So above mistakes are going to happen. Film director’s to make an effort to minimize demanding best final output from music director and have a say in choosing right singers. No offense meant in this article to music director’s as our Tamizh industry is doing great justice with some stunning numbers, however voice also needs to be raised to set right direction.

With humility,
DLN [D.Lakshminarasimhan]
United Kingdom
Twitter: DLN_MK

Thanks : Behindwood

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